Detection Security Management are the Melbourne intercom and video doorphone experts and we recommend and install systems from Aiphone and Kocom. 

Would you like to know who is at your front door whilst sitting at your desk in your office or whilst in your living room watching television? Then an intercom or video door-phone is the perfect solution for you. Not only will you be able to see and talk to someone who is at your front door, but with additional monitors throughout your premises you can see and talk to colleagues in other parts of your workplace, or talk to your family and friends in different rooms of your home. 

 Intercoms and video door-phones have many great features that not only provide a great level of security such as crystal clear images in day and night conditions with infrared LED lighting and the ability to be able to record still images or video. They also provide a stylish addition to your home or work premises with large slimline touch screen LCD monitors, and the option to also open the door.