Alarm Systems

Detection Security Management recommend and install alarm systems from Hills Reliance, Bosch and Ness. 

We all know and are familiar with the traditional alarm system that many of us have installed in our homes, offices and factories and how effective they are for intrusion prevention and detection. Today’s alarm systems are lot more advanced and are designed to work standalone or as part of an integrated security solution with CCTV and Access Control system. 

 An alarm system can provide 24 hour remote monitoring via phone or an IP system, allow you to set a partial arm which arms just the external doors and windows – perfect for home use at night time, allow you to alarm a garage door which is ideal for factories and warehouses or even homes with internal entry via the garage. Alarm motion detection sensors can be either passive infrared which sense body heat or microwave which send out pulses to detect movement. All our alarms can be conveniently controlled by a wireless remote or code pad, or an access card if integrated with an access control system.