PROTECT Fog Cannons

Since 2001, PROTECT Fog Cannons have been installed in over 50 countries and come with a 5 year warranty. Detection Security Management are an authorised sub distributor and installer of PROTECT Fog Cannons.

A fog cannon from PROTECT will secure your premises within seconds,
making it impossible for the burglar to steal anything!  

PROTECT fog cannons are the next generation security system that takes security beyond being a simple deterrence.

When it comes to choosing a PROTECT Fog Cannon to protect your property, we have a range of products. There is a PROTECT Fog Cannon to suit your home, office, retail outlet and warehouse. We can install the PROTECT Fog Cannon so they are visible or concealed – the choice is yours.

  • PROTECT Fog Cannons leave no residue and the fog is completely harmless to humans, animals, clothing, furnishings, IT and electrical equipment

  • The fog can last up to an hour

  • Can be added to your existing alarm system

  • Option of wireless and smartphone app control

  • Low cost and energy efficient

  • Up to 3 hours battery back-up (in the event of a power failure or power outage)

PROTECT 600iTM, 1100iTM, 2200iTM 

Each model is designed for a different room size – from small office premises to large warehouses. 

Performance ranges from 290 to 2875 m3 of fog, and each product is adjustable to its specific task. 

Please note the turbo function on model 600i™, yielding a full 600 m3 of fog in only 30 seconds!  and Model 2200i™ is also the world’s most powerful anti-burglary Fog Cannon™ in the world. 

All three Fog Cannons come with a pulse function, ensuring efficient fog-level maintenance after the first discharge.

Detection Security Management are an authorised sub distributor and installer of PROTECT Fog Cannons.

Providing security systems and solutions in Melbourne since 2002, Detection Security Management can design and tailor a security solution to meet your needs and budget.