Access Control Systems

Detection Security Management are the Melbourne access control system experts and we recommend and install electronic access control systems from Tecom. 

Access Control systems are designed to control access to a physical facility, and the various areas within it.  Authorised employees and visitors can be issued with individual access cards, use a pin code, or use a biometric finger scanner in order to gain entry through a secured access point.  The major advantage of an electronic access control system is that it is centrally controlled and individuals access to any entrance(s) can be granted or revoked instantly.  There are many other features of an electronic access control system which make them an effective way to control who has access to your business premises and when, these are:

  • Restricting the times of day that employees and visitors can access your premises

  • Restricting the areas (certain floors or rooms) that employees can access

  • Require both a valid card and PIN code to access premises after hours or to a highly secured area

  • Require a dual card sequence from two people to access a highly secured area

  • Have interlocking doors where one must be closed before a second door is opened

  • Allow a population count of those in a secured area and not allow access once a limit is reached

  • Reporting events to an integrated CCTV systems for easy retrieval of footage

  • Integration with intrusion detection systems to arm and disarm a building or area

  • Easily create visitor or temporary access cards with a programmed expiry date and time