10 reasons why you need a fog cannon?

We share the top ten reasons your business needs a fog cannon.

  1. Immediate Protection
    A PROTECT Fog Cannon will fill a room with dense security fog, to prevent the intruder from seeing anything. Security fog stops burglars and robbers in seconds!

  2. Effective
    A PROTECT security fog system is the most effective method of preventing burglaries, robberies and vandalism!

  3. Harmless
    PROTECT security fog leaves no residue and is entirely harmless to humans and animals; it will not affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment.

  4. Good investment
    A PROTECT security fog system is a modest investment with low operating costs, it gives a rapid return on your investment, and comes complete with up to 5-year warranty.

  5. Market leader
    With more than 50,000 units installed, PROTECT is the best-selling product and world market leader in the industry.

  6. Positive user experiences
    PROTECT have many satisfied customers – from domestic to multi-national companies.

  7. Keep intruders out
    A PROTECT security fog system will keep intruders out up to one hour – time for police or security to arrive.

  8. Peace of mind
    A PROTECT security fog system creates peace of mind after closing time. In the event of a crime, your business is quickly back operating. 

  9. Wide product range
    Complete product range – covering small rooms to large warehouses. We have internationally documented approvals. 

  10. Flexible system
    PROTECT Fog Cannon are elegantly designed, and some models can be installed covertly behind a wall or ceiling.


Detection Security Management is an authorised sub-distributor and installer of PROTECT Fog Cannons.